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Thanks for taking action to help yourself and your referrals to become financially secure!

Referring others to pre-enroll is the start of accumulating funds because all of your referrals follow you in duplicating plans for funding dreams and creating wealth via our FUND YOUR DREAM Annual Dollar Days Celebration Campaign combined with income streams ideal for both business training and personal wealth achievement.

By LEGAL DISCLAIMER of No Promises or Guarantees of Results, being able to accumulate $5,000.00 by 100 of your own referrals and even $50,000.00 by 1,000 referrals is possible, just from $50.00 commissions alone!  But, pre-enrollment is just a headstart on cash flow and to the greater benefits of full membership for you and your referrals.  You can get a good Start Small and Grow Rich beginning with just four referrals for pre-enrollment.  How much more varies per individuals who have the same opportunity and benefits annually.

The $108.00 transaction you are about to make is your pass to financial freedom, which initiates a $50.00 refer-a-friend commission from each pre-enrollment for JW ALFIE GROUP - Business Co-op membership.

Click here to pay $108.00.  This transaction will go through Paypal for processing.

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