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[October, 2021]

Our Motto is

Start Small & Grow Rich!


By Jean Wilson aka Ms. Jean

In a recent feasibility study it was found that resources provided for JW ALFIE GROUP enabled members to prosper to $70,000 in monthly recurring income.  ~ Gayan Pradeep, CPA

Hello to our Friends and New Readers of The JW ALFIE GROUP Report!

When you join our Group, you are immediately in training as a Prosperity Student.

You start by setting up the resources provided for you.  Failure is not an option.  The completion of the setting up of resources means that you have become a member and full benefits can begin.

JW ALFIE GROUP RESOURCES include the Fund Your Dream Annual Dollar Days Celebration Campaign, and Advertising, Marketing and Self-Development membership training tools, which are accessed through Pre-enrollment.

Pre-enrollment is the Group Structure that not only provides access but income to get started with.  Once the Pre-enrollment Fee is paid commissions can be earned by referring friends.  Thus, the Refer-a-Friend Pre-enrollment Program is a JW ALFIE GROUP Resource.

Full benefits for JW ALFIE GROUP - USA members are structured to Start Small and Grow Rich.  With affordable start-up costs to receive 1st Year Benefits, Friends Help Friends to fulfill their dreams and create wealth.

When a friend makes a one-time contribution to fund the dream of a referring friend, he or she is entitled to the same funding from friends referred.  To make it simple, this funding for the 1st Year of Prosperity is included in the Pre-enrollment Fee.

To increase funding and retain membership, the 2nd Year of Prosperity starts with a 10-fold increase.  This fundraising structure continues with a 10-fold increase in the 3rd Year of Prosperity and maintains mutual benefits for all participants in the FUND YOUR DREAM Annual Dollar Days Celebration Campaign.

Along with funding for the development of your dream, you Start Small and Grow Rich via multiple income streams provided as resources for the Group.  Such additional resources enable members to prosper to $70,000 in monthly recurring income, with just four referrals, due to compounded leveraging systems.

What you learn and achieve as a Prosperity Student is a million times more than merely $200.00 for start-up with JW ALFIE GROUP, paid with your Pre-enrollment Referral Commissions.

THIS IS THE NEW WAY!  Unlike crowdfunding, which is based on approval, popularity, and other requirements by different platforms, our Group Structure allows for the  pursuit of individual dreams through "Cooperative Funding" by the members themselves, friend to friend.

The Group Structure is designed for friends to simply follow the plan in camaraderie with each other, by understanding the advantages and benefits of having a practical and affordable way of raising funds.

The camaraderie in our Group comes first through knowledge, then mutual trust.  Set plans that all members follow in the same way makes it possible for everyone to Start Small and Grow Rich.

THE SMARTPHONE MILLIONAIRE PLAN is actually the way that was put together from the beginning for friends to reach out to each other via smartphones.  Later came the song, then the video, and further along the Smartphone Millionaire App.  The videos are promotional tools, and the App is an income generator.

It started with this little video:

Then, the song video:

Finally, the App:

With four referrals and by contributing to its continued development by purchase of the App, JW ALFIE GROUP members gain access to the Self-Development program for increasing personal wealth.

FOR INTERNATIONAL MEMBERS, the (True Dream Path) TDP GROUP of Bangladesh has three different requirements and allowances for start-up.

First, instead of Pre-enrollment, before being allowed to participate in dream funding, USA Sponsorship is required.

Second, the Smartphone Millionaire App will be a required commission generating resource.

Third, International members must buy and pay the monthly hosting fee for a replicated site page.

Why there are differences in memberships is because the cost for start-up is about 70% lower for the TDP GROUP, and the taka BDT is about .58 cents to the USD $1.00.  Therefore, consideration was given for resources that the Bangladesh TDP GROUP could start small with.

I call both Groups PROSPERITY STUDENTS because Getting Started is the Training which allows them to advance to the next level.

For JW ALFIE GROUP, completing the 1st year with renewal advances them to the 2nd Year level with an increase in dream funding and growth in income from all resources to about $70,000 USD per month.

For the TDP GROUP, the start-up resources generate $18 USD exchanged to about Tk1,534.17 BDT.  An additional resource is added after just five referrals to advance to the next level and accelerate them to monthly recurring income which can grow rapidly to about $20,000 USD or Tk1,706,937.60 BDT per month.

We can't make income promises or guarantees and must provide the disclaimer that this information illustrates only the potential for income, but what has been given as information and illustration is based on our study of the feasibility of all plans and systems for funding dreams and creating wealth.

The purpose of writing posts, making videos and publishing The JW ALFIE GROUP Report is to give people knowledge.  Then they can share what they know to be true to help themselves and others.  

If you haven't joined yet, it could be that you are not gaining knowledge from the posts and videos, and from reading the report, and you're not a Prosperity Student.  But, maybe these definitions will show you the reason to join our cause.


✓ The condition of being successful or thriving, especially economic well-being.

✓ The condition of being prosperous, of having good fortune.

Prosperous condition; good fortune, wealth, success, etc.

Difference Between Wealth and Prosperity:

✓ What Does Wealth Mean?

Wealth can be defined as an abundance of money or valuable assets; thus, wealth can be considered as a material gain. Being wealthy means having a lot of money and property. The Oxford dictionary gives one meaning of wealth as material prosperity. Thus, it can be said that though these two words are interconnected, wealth is only a certain aspect of prosperity.

✓ What Does Prosperity Mean?

Prosperity can be defined as an abundance of material possessions, money as well as other factors like health and happiness. It can be equal to having a good fortune. A prosperous person not only has a lot of money, and property, but he also has a lot of friends, family and stays healthy. This is why sometimes people wish ‘may you have a prosperous new year.’ Here, they are not merely wishing for money or wealth but also for happiness.

In former posts on the JW ALLFIE GROUP page, and now on this report, my salutation to friends is

To our good fortune!


Ms. Jean

Start Training For Prosperity:



Ms. Jean Wilson - Founder, Director and Chief Financial Officer of JW ALFIE GROUP

Owner of JMW Information Products & Vendor Services



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