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[March, 2021]

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Due to Reviewing AI BOTS, Many Business Accounts on Facebook Were Suddenly Not Allowed to Place Ads

By Jean Wilson aka Ms. Jean

This happened to my account and many others which had ads running on November 11, 2020. 

I am Charismatic, and these things were shown to me in November, in my Facebook account.  When I was also led to a news article, I discovered that I was just one of many that this happened to.

Facebook disallowed my business for advertising and I was not able to get it reversed. I believe it was because I had posted some things about helping people to increase their income during the COVID-19 pandemic, which included political statements.

I also use advertising and marketing services which, as recently as November 2020, were categorized as violations of the advertising policies, and such violations were never there before.


Ms. Jean

So, I can't use Facebook Ads.  But, I actually am now looking at it as a blessing because it's pushing me forward in the path for dream fulfillment.

Without the ads, I can still reach out to people in the social media platform, to inform them that membership in JW ALFIE GROUP - Business Co-op is an additional resource that will sustain people financially, in times of any crisis.  It will help them to start businesses and to develop talents and skills.  It will also help them to generate wealth.

My name is Jean Marie Wilson, and I go by Ms. Jean.  I am a serial and a social entrepreneur.

I recently hired Esther Ilori as my Social Media Manager, and she has been conducting an ongoing search for likeminded people who can benefit from the Cooperative Business Services offered to members of JW ALFIE GROUP.

Since the Group is a Cooperative, it has many advantages, because of its structure as an entity owned by and for the mutual benefit of its members.

JW ALFIE GROUP - Business Co-op is parented by the Cooperative I established in 2012, by the legal name of ALFIE COOPERATIVE STORES AND SELF-EMPLOYMENT SERVICE..., INC., and the short name, THE ALFIE COOPERATIVE.

I brought the business online in 2019, by creating the JW ALFIE GROUP business page on Facebook.

Esther has managed my page for a month, and in that time I have created an app, which provides members with videos and captions that explain what the Group is about, and it has a messaging screen at the end which is fully capable of sending text messages by phone number or email.

I have not launched the app yet, because I want it to function with its own member database.  But, because I created it as a Group Product, to be sold at the price of $10.00, with $5.00 commissions to resellers, it can be downloaded by members as a launch to raise money to further develop the app for integration of the user's data.

While Esther has been managing the Group page, I have also been busy creating a logo design to place on coffee and beer mugs, as another product for sale and resell.

So, the more people, like Esther, helping me with the Group, the more time I have to add to the outstanding resources that are already installed and facilitating the Group.

The JW ALFIE GROUP Report will be available to Subscribing Members at $3.40 per month.

Anyone interested in purchasing "The Advantages of Joining a Business Cooperative" can get the ebook for $6.49, and the price will be credited as part of the total fee for membership.  I wrote the 29-page ebook when I first started THE ALFIE COOPERATIVE, and it has not been revised, but it is still an essential information product.  It will be offered to Subscribers by email.

Subscribing is a no-risk way to put your foot in the door and learn more, before taking advantage of the full benefits of membership.  As a Cooperative, we build upon our foundation via word-of-mouth.

Visits to JW ALFIE GROUP are welcomed.  Your Likes, Comments and Shares are greatly appreciated.


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