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[April, 2021]

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Important Message From the Founder of JW ALFIE GROUP - Business Co-op

By Jean Wilson aka Ms. Jean

Good Day Friends!

I hired a DRMR - Direct Response Message Referrer.  Pronounced without the vowel letters e and a - DRMR is Dreamer.

What the DRMR does is based on the original program I created for Pre-enrollment before it was monetized.  I was trying to put 4 pre-enrollers together with each pre-enrolled member, to make small groups of 5, wherein each member belongs to a group of 5 and heads a group of 5 at the same time.  It is also this 5-group concept that is the basis for predetermined profit sharing.  So, the DRMR pilots the small group referrals to make it feasible for startup membership.

The feasibility is that every pre-enroller pays the one-time $108.00 fee plus the $3.40 monthly dues as a subscribing member.  Then, because the DRMR refers in behalf of the head of each group, as 4 new members are placed in his or her start small group, he or she earns $50.00 for each referral.

Using the human body for a simplified illustration, the head is at the top and is connected on a frame along with two arms and two legs.  The head leads and the arms and legs produce income.

Another part of the feasibility is that there is more than enough money in each pre-enrollment fee to pay for the referring work of the DRMR (Direct Response Message Referrer - Dreamer), in behalf of each pre-enroller.  However, this is a "pilot program" for a limited time, because the surge of influx in growth would overwhelm the capacity for service.

It is because recruiting has been stigmatized as hard work, struggle and rejection in trying to get people to join multilevel marketing companies, that not being an MLM, but a mutually beneficial Business Cooperative, JW ALFIE GROUP wants to do any and every thing legally possible to turn the tables around.  That's why I, Ms. Jean, do not like hard work and struggle.  I can tolerate rejection, but not hard work and struggle with it.  So, hiring a DRMR (Dreamer) to help people get on the path for dream fulfillment through Refer-a-Friend Pre-enrollment is the best course of action I can figure out, for now.

The amount of $108.00 was the amount set as a resource for having enough to pay and serve pre-enrollers.  I later tweaked it by using the $8.00 as a prepayment for the Dream Fund's Annual Cooperative Funding Campaign.  Now the prepayment is more like a down payment on the small total cost of membership processing, which added with pre-enrollment is just $151.89.

The pre-enrollment fee literally is for a "course of action," which now comes with my unrevised, 29-page ebook, entitled "Advantages of Joining a Business Cooperative."  I wrote the ebook in 2012, based on research which I was so impressed with that I founded THE ALFIE COOPERATIVE, INC.  The "Advantages" ebook will be offered by email, and the price of $6.49 will be credited for the same Admin cost of $6.49 for membership processing.

The name of the Co-op is Alfie because that's my favorite song.  The long, legal name, when I established it in 2012 is ALFIE COOPERATIVE STORES AND SELF-EMPLOYMENT SERVICE OF THE ALFIE COOPERATIVE.... 

The acronym of the letters ALFIE mean Abundant Life Fellowship International Ecumenical.  In other words, ALFIE is a Business Co-op with subdivisions and a ministry at the same time.

The largest subdivision is now JW ALFIE GROUP - Business Co-op, which function is to bring people together for dream fulfillment and wealth creation, through planned resources and services for "Cooperative Funding."

There are two other subs.  JMW Information Products & Vendor Services has been providing videos as its service for the Group; and there is The Homeless Initiative People Project. The HIP Project is the ministry subdivision.  Each is supported by the Group with a $1.00 contribution in each member's FUND YOUR DREAM Annual Dollar Days Celebration Campaign.

Although the future plan for ALFIE is international, serving just in the USA is the plan, for now.  There is more than enough to do to serve people residing in this nation, first, to help them to fulfill dreams, such as starting a business, or devloping a talent or skill, and creating wealth with resources provided by the Cooperative.  However, going international is being prepared for by another tweak I made, which allows non-members to earn reseller commissions on the Smartphone Millionaire App...

Learn more about this at

I use the "turning the tables" saying because it means turning a disadvantage into an advantage.  There is so much disparagement about "selling" that the tables have been turned upside down with it.  That's why I established a Cooperative.  Cooperatives are organizations that are formed for the mutual benefit of all members.  It's not about everybody out for themselves.  It's "we're all in this together," with honorable intentions for benefiting ourselves and all new members of the Cooperative.  That means we don't have to hide what we do in business, trying to gain trust by following upside down rules for selling products and services.

The thing is, though, that until something is considered the right thing to do and the right path to follow, because everbody else is doing it and following it, people will initially reject it.  In other words, it has to be popular and viral.

Content goes viral through sharing.  When people share a Group post, video or message with their friends, and those friends share with friends, this is the type of friend to friend sharing that will increase the popularity of the Group and increase the potential of content, videos, and messages going viral.  Many people who have liked posts and have accepted the invitation to like and follow the Group page can just share the posts to facilitate growth in popularity.  See how at the end of this report.

Another tweak I'm making, for the mutual benefit of JW ALFIE GROUP members, is YouTube videos.  If you go to, you will see videos created for the Group.  Check out the Smartphone Millionaire video.  Just think of the possibility of growth for the Group, if the video is promoted as a "How to Make Making Money Fun" video, and it gets millions of views.  What if millions of viewers go to the Description under the video for more information, click the link to learn more, and actually make informed decisions to pre-enroll and become members of JW ALFIE GROUP?  To make this the start of an awesome, dream come true, go view the Smartphone Millionaire Video and Like it, at

As mentioned above, the Direct Response Message Referrer, DRMR - Dreamer, is provided to turn the tables on the disadvantages that put people in a rut of supposing that rejection will keep them from fulfilling their dreams and creating wealth.  It's not that people want to oppose their friends, they're just afraid 😨 to support them.  With the DRMR, which is a real person, not a bot, JW ALFIE GROUP hopes to eliminate hard work, struggle and fear by bringing people together, cooperatively, as a Business Co-op service.

Another important aspect is the elimination of the fear 😨 of risk.  By Law, members of a Cooperative are not liable for the debts of the Co-op or for the misconduct of any of its officers or employees.  Also, with the small fees for getting started and continuing JW ALFIE GROUP membership, there really is no financial risk; especially now that a DRMR has been hired to facilitate pre-enrollment startup.  The Direct Response Message Referrer, DRMR - Dreamer, is offered for a limited time as a risk-free "pilot program" to facilitate startup growth.

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