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[May, 2021]

Our Motto is

Start Small & Grow Rich!



By Jean Wilson aka Ms. Jean

Hello!  I'm Jean Marie Wilson, better known as Ms. Jean, The Queen of Dreams and Multiple Income Streams.  Today I'd like to inform you about some Start Small and Grow Rich principles that will help you to become a millionaire.

To get started, there is a video that was created for me which I will use to generate some enthusiasm about getting rich.  It's a music video.  I wrote the words and then hired a talented young man to arrange it musically and provide the vocals.  After which, it was synced into a video by someone else I hired.

To give you a heads up:  Depending on the mindset, the video might be either funny,😅 shocking,😳 even "cool"😎 for some people.  But my focus and intent is on having fun, not to the extreme depicted in the video, but having fun and creating more than enough wealth at the same time; and not doing it alone, but in collaboration with a group.  Let's take two minutes to watch it.  Then we'll break it down into a 20 second clip, for emphasis on how to Start Small and Grow Rich with JOB PAYCHECK MONEY (+$ ) PLUS MONEY FROM DAILY AND MONTHLY PASSIVE AND RECURRING INCOME STREAMS.

Okay!  Are there a few chuckles?  Good!  Laughter is the music of the soul!  Now, I love this video and I can watch it many times and enjoy it.  But, I took a 20 second clip out for the scenario of people seriously implementing my Start Small and Grow Rich Principles.

In this clip, you'll see two groups of people.  The first is a group of eight, with three Black participants.  The second group has two Black people among ten participating.  It's really pleasing to me to see more than one Black person in a mixed group.

We can guess that these people have some type of employment or self-employment, which enables them to receive money.  Regardless of what they do to make a living, let's assume that they have only one source of income, the job paycheck, and that they joined the group to make more money.  The good news is that they can!

Last month I went back to my original pre-enrollment plan.  As it was before, due to the expansive multiplication factor, adding four people to every pre-enrollment could only go so far without getting overwhelming, so I cut the add-ons and monetized pre-enrollments with a refer-a-friend program. 

Now, what I'm wanting to achieve is to not only provide a resource that pays $50.00 as an incentive for each referral, but, for a limited time, to bring back the add-ons.  This was described in simple details in the April issue of The JW ALFIE GROUP Report at  But, here's a brief recap:

The resource for funding the Refer-a-Friend program is the $108.00 pre-enrollment fee, which covers the $50.00 referral payment and the admin costs.  My purpose for bringing back the add-ons is to help people get started by hiring someone to provide four referrals for each person who pre-enrolls and completes membership processing.

This is a great incentive, but it would also become a great expansion.  How far I can go with it depends on hiring more people to handle it and programming it for partial or full automation.

For now, I'm just going with it for a limited time to try to build trust and popularity for the JW ALFIE GROUP brand.  I'm saying upfront that it's limited, so that I'm not getting into over-promising and under-delivering.

The best way to build trust and popularity is for people to join, get their four add-ons and start referring their friends to do the same, and to follow my Start Small and Grow Rich Principle:  It's not about selling.  It's about telling.

I've done my best to eliminate risk and rejection.  So, you can forget about risk, because with less than $200.00 "you can" actually Start Small and Grow Rich!  There's no risk!  Forget about rejection, because if you start telling - not selling, you will be helping your friends to have the same good fortune that you are receiving.

Yes indeed!  It really is quite simple and risk-free.  You invest in yourself by becoming a member of my Group, to get the resources that put you on the right path for dream fulfillment and the creation of wealth.

Ms. Jean Wilson

JMW Information Products & Vendor Services - Owner

So, starting with just $108.00, you get to receive $50.00 for each referral that pre-enrolls.  I made it totally risk-free by going back to the four add-ons for pre-enrollment.  But this is just a headstart on cash flow, which provides extra money on the side of the job paycheck. You can keep money coming in through your own referrals.

Referring friends can be quite profitable -- from $200.00 to even $200,000.00.  The mutual benefit is that all members can refer friends and receive income.  So, tell friends about it!  How many friends can you send a text to in 14 minutes?  That's how you can start to profit and generate wealth "in your spare time."  You can learn more at

The Refer-a-Friend Pre-enrollment program is just the beginning. What's next is completing your membership processing as a participant in the FUND YOUR DREAM Annual Dollar Days Celebration Campaign, and getting more money coming in, along with what's already been started.

In the complete setup of each FUND YOUR DREAM Campaign, all members have the mutual benefit of receiving income for dream fulfillment, PLUS they all get the same Multiple Income Streams for generating Passive and Monthly Recurring Income.

If you haven't got a business dream or a talent or skill to develop and fulfill, it's okay to join for increasing your income, because that qualifies as a dream, too; and because we are all in it together, as a Co-op Group, and we all participate in the same plans, the only thing different is that each member has an individual dream to fulfill.

The funding of individual dreams starts at $8.00 in the first year and is upgraded to $80.00 in the second year.  That's why it's called the Annual Dollar Days Celebration Campaign.  So, whatever your dream is, there will be an $80.00 10-fold upgrade in Co-op Funds in your 2nd year, multiplied by the number of pre-enrollers you have referred who renew with you, and 1st year campaign startups.  In the 3rd year, there will be an $800.00 10-fold upgrade, with 3rd year renewals, along with the $80.00 renewals coming into their 2nd year of membership, and campaign co-op funds from 1st year startups.

There is a Group Dream for the Co-op.  It is still in the planning phase and will probably start after the 3rd year 10-fold increase.  All members are participants in the Group Dream Campaign, because all members are also owners who profit from the services and products of the Cooperative.

But that's not all, because there are two more resources that go with each Campaign to generate wealth.  They provide a service, with a digital training platform and income for every member.  So, with just $32.00 added to the $108.00 for startup, not including the small fees for membership dues and Campaign processing, these longstanding and proven resources are excellent income streams.  They provide members with passive residual and monthly recurring income.  Another proven resource will be added as a continual income stream in a new program which I will describe later.  Even with this new stream, the total startup cost will still be less that $200.00!

There is also a high-value, big-ticket resource, which is optional.  It is a program which trains mentors in the Cooperative Business Model for the Group, with a Co-op Fee of $4,000.00.  The program is optional because members are not required to train to become mentors, but any small group member can receive a 20% commission for the referral of a mentor.

Physical and digital products are being added to the Group.  Just two, for now -- The Smartphone Millionaire App and customized coffee and beer mugs.  They are preorder and print on demand items.  More details about these products are in the March 2021 issue of The JW ALFIE GROUP Report at

Before the Smartphone Millionaire song and the app development in 2021, I had a dream of JW ALFIE GROUP members creating wealth with smartphones.  That's what my first video for the group was about.  In just 46 seconds of word picture and photo slides, it's trying to say a lot to get people to go to the website and join.  That was March, 2019.  The video creator is my JMW Information Products & Vendor Services company which provides our video media.  Let's watch it.

I was so determined to fulfill "my" dream that I added another version of it in a 60 second video to express the same idea.

Two years later, I still have the same dream, for "friends" to use their smartphones to generate income and fulfill their dreams, as members, of course:

> In January 2021, I added the song and 2 minute video you viewed at the beginning of this report.

> In February 2021, I started development on the app.

> In March 2021, I created the Smartphone Millionaire Plan, which gives everybody a goal of generating $1,325,000.00 (One Million Three Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars) in unspent income.  It's the icing on the cake!  It's not a secret.  To learn how, read my short page to the end of Step 4 at

Now, it's time to describe the new income stream, The Smartphone Millionaire Plan.

It's purpose is to provide another resource for members to acquire personal wealth as JW ALFIE GROUP - Business Co-op participants.  This income stream is the proven generator for the $1,325,000.00 goal achievement of The Smartphone Millionaire Plan.  I've been a student subscriber for personal and business development with this company since 2015.  The leadership and staff are all awesome individuals, and now is the right time to bring it into JW ALFIE GROUP as a resource for support of The Smartphone Millionaire Plan.

To summarize:  The information you have read in this report is about adding income to your job paycheck, through pre-enrollment, that gives you a cash flow headstart on accessing full membership benefits, with the opportunity to fulfill dreams and to achieve daily, monthly and annual profitability.

The profit potential is because the Cooperative Business Services of JW ALFIE GROUP - Business Co-op of THE ALFIE COOPERATIVE, INC. are what provides members with the resources for dream fulfillment and wealth creation.  Any and all programs, plans and campaigns are services and valuable resources at the same time, which are offered to the public through pre-enrollment for membership as customer/patrons with full and mutual benefits as Co-op Owners, upon completion of membership processing and sustainment of their active status through annual renewal.

In closing:  My Start Small and Grow Rich Principle is about Cooperation, Collaboration and Innovation.  It's not just me, it's we.  It's not selling, it's telling.



  * Jean Wilson (Ms. Jean)


  * Esther Ilori


  * Fred Moore


  * Shanakay Gordon


~ Ms. Jean

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