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[August, 2021]

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By Jean Wilson aka Ms. Jean

To ALFIE Friends - from Ms. Jean.  For this month's August issue of The JW ALFIE GROUP Report, I have some bad news and some good news.  Sometimes the bad news brings out the good news, like an "ace in the hole" - an advantage or a resource kept back until the proper opportunity presents itself ( In this case, however, the opportunity came about due to the following improper actions of a freelancer.


On July 13, 2021, I canceled the order of a man who was working for me because I didn't receive what I ordered.  He was hired to be a social media marketing manager for JW ALFIE GROUP, but instead of doing what he was required to do on the JW ALFIE GROUP page, he took the information that directed him to the page, created a different page and proceeded to do only what he wanted to do, in managing and marketing that page.

He was supposed to post everyday and to include special days recognized in the United States.  He was hired on June 18 for one month ending July 18, 2021.  He made three or four posts for Father's Day, June 20, three or four posts for Independence Day, July 4, one post for some day I never heard of, one post for some confederate general I never heard of, and one post of a French Independence Day.  None other than special days posts were made.  The description of the created page was for an entertainment company, and had nothing to do with the True Dream Path of JW ALFIE GROUP.

Given that this was a thirty-day order and the number of posts he made, at the most, were eleven, the cancelation was warranted when he delivered the order on July 13, five days earlier than the thirty-day ending date of July 18, 2021.  When I asked for his agreement to cancel the order, he did so immediately, as if I was the one at fault, and what happened next will shock you.

I had a bad feeling about the man from the start because he created a page outside of the order and without my permission.  Since I already had four business pages, when I looked and saw five pages listed, I was shocked.  Upon investigation, I saw that he had created a page using the "True Dream Path" slogan and had made a Father's Day post.  However, he made nothing but Father's Day posts, until the one post of a day I never heard of.  Then, he made nothing but Independence Day posts, until a post of a confederate general that I never heard of, and finally a French Independence Day post.  But, it gets worse.

Doing his own thing, again, and with vengeance instead of agreement for cancelation, he tried to take over the True Dream Path page he created,  removing me as admin and changing the website destination link.  As the owner-admin of the page, I was notified by Facebook of his actions.

He then made himself an admin of the JMW Info page where I had posted all of my videos, and he changed the primary country to his country.  As the owner-admin of that page, I was also notified of this action.

Then, somehow, he managed to remove the True Dream Path page he created.  It seems to be gone.  I guess something prevented him from doing the same to the JMW Info page he was taking over, because I was notified that he had scheduled the page for deletion.  And, since he had no interest in taking over the JW ALFIE GROUP page, the same as his reason for not working on it, but creating another page as an entertainment page, he posted sexual nudity on it.  After I received a warning about violating Facebook Community Standards, I was also notified that he had scheduled the JW ALFIE GROUP page for deletion.

With much trauma in research to find out what to do to stop the deletion of my pages, I was hindered by a two-factor code.  This happened because I changed my password and then could not receive the code to access my pages because it was being sent to the number listed, which was not operating because the phone wouldn't charge.  Then, after submitting my Driver's License to prove my ID, I was not allowed access because my residence address didn't match the listed business address.  Oh brother!  What a mess!!

Well, after everything I tried was not successful, I asked three experts to help me.  Not one was able to beat the system denying access to my pages, so that I could reverse the curse of the freelancer?

In my search for the freelancer's  name on Facebook, I found an entertainment company in his country which is a page he is probably the owner of.  Also, every notification I received from my pages has his face and name on it as a Facebook user who was taking these actions on my pages to take them over, and then decided to delete them.

Since the culprit is known, he is inevitably destroying not only himself, but eliminating his country from consideration in the event of international expansion of my businesses.  He is also known for his unscrupulous behavior by the company he was engaged with as a freelancer.

The good news is, I save everything I do.  So, deleting my pages doesn't destroy me or my businesses.  That's my "ace in the hole" and it's also my "wellspring" - a source of continual supply (

Thinking that I would not be able to save my pages from deletion, on July 26th, the 10th day of craziness, I created a new Jean Wilson page to start over again with my saved information at

Facebook had notified me by email that I had 14 days to cancel the deletions, and I had already tried sending messages in ways that were not provided by the Help Center, so that attention could be drawn to what was going on by anyone willing to be of help.  This was after the experts failed.  One person actually replied to a message, saying I would have to send a request only for the help that department was authorized to give.  Well, at least I tried!

Finally, after I had expended all of my frustrations, I took my old, exhausted phone to the repair shop to get a new battery and charger port.  After it was fixed, I was able to receive the code for login with my changed password on it as a recognized phone, after which I canceled the deletion of my pages.

Looking to see what my status would be for violation of Community Standards due to the sexual nudity he posted on the JW ALFIE GROUP page, both violations have been marked as CLOSED.  So, apparently, Facebook being aware all along of what was going on was not able to "hack" it's own two-factor system to help me.  Neither could my experts.

Oh well, one person tried to mess me up, but he couldn't. 



Before all of that, I was looking for a programmer to automate the referral system I created, and I was also looking for another social media manager for JW ALFIE GROUP, and one or more persons to help me get new videos uploaded and to manage "The True Dream Path" YouTube channel.  I will continue to work on these projects and give updates in future issues of The JW ALFIE GROUP Report.


The feasibility study is doing well.  The financial projections were so highly calculated that I cut them down to 60 percent.  What the projections have been able to show is that every member of JW ALFIE GROUP will be able to become a multimillionaire by using the planned resources provided for their Co-op Membership, alongside of their dream campaign funds. To find out what the multimillion dollar goal is, take two minutes to watch the video on YouTube.  Like and Subscribe to help the channel grow. GO TO:

JW ALFIE GROUP truly is a source of continual supply, a wellspring for our members:  Start Small and Grow Rich with our Group's Abundant Life Friends & Internet Entrepreneurs - ALF-IE.  GO TO:

The cover photo and the May, June and July posts were removed by the freelancer before he made nasty nudity posts to the JW ALFIE GROUP page, which Facebook deleted and gave me warning about, but you can still like and follow the page, and I'm sure I can find someone trustworthy and dependable to put the page back together and manage it.  Here's where it can still be found!  GO TO:


Ms. Jean Wilson

JMW Information Products & Vendor Services - Owner


Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  * Jean Wilson (Ms. Jean)

Social Media Manager

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~ Ms. Jean

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