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This page contains information regarding access to your Guidebook. Please read the instructions and complete the form at the end.


By completing the form below, you agree to the licensed reseller terms of the Double Tandem System to receive a sales commission of $20 whenever a referred and verified JW ALFIE GROUP Free Community member purchases the MAKING IT DOABLE Guidebook. You also agree to pass up every 5th sale to your referrer with knowledge that you have the opportunity to receive 5th sale pass ups, as well.

You will receive a Receipt and Notification of Processing of your MAKING IT DOABLE Guidebook for download access from Please Reply to receive delivery within 48 hours.

The Double Tandem System will help us to help you to Become a Smartphone Millionaire. To get started, we need your full name, the first, middle and last name you were given by your parents. We cannot accept titles MD and Islam or any other title variants as names. Your name is used for the individual and unique name code to be issued for JW ALFIE GROUP USA and International identification.

We also need the valid email address that will be used for notification of Guidebook purchase transactions, and the cell phone number to be used for texting in the Smartphone Millionaires Program.

The last thing needed is the name code of your Referring Friend. Please use that name code, because you will also be issued an individual and unique name code of your own. However, if you learned about JW ALFIE GROUP - Business Co-op USA/International on your own, without a referral, the name code of your USA Referring Friend is Alfie23091, and for International processing without a Referring Friend, the name code is JMWInfo09141.
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