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This isn't an upsell. It's an accelerator to boost your income and give you money-making confidence!

GML not only provides income growing leverage, but thousands of leads you can promote to. Start at the $20 one-time Bronze Level, and you will get paid $20, as a qualified Independent Representative, when Friends join at the same level under you. This is great because you get to learn by doing lnternet Marketing with Little Effort -- no course modules to study, webinars, etc.  At the Bronze Level, the GML platform allows you to post a 150-character ad and send it to thousands of leads, 20 at a time. Doing GML is so easy! Using this to promote Dollar Days will also be your first step to becoming a millionaire with multiple income streams! This is awesome!

The same videos you watched before clicking to this page are available here.  See again How the Leverage of GML Can Produce More Income For Thousands of Our Current and New Dollar Days Friends!

It doesn't get any better than this, Friends, no hard work, no struggle, just success!


Any references to income or earnings, whether actual or potential, implied or stated, are for illustrative purposes, not guarantees of or promises for the likelihood of any results for participants at any level, or with any steps or marketing tools provided or suggested for use.  Each individual is responsible for what he or she gains by any effort put forth for their own achievement.

If you'd like to watch the videos again, before you join, go ahead.  Then Go for the $20 Bronze Level, to Get Started!

Well Friends, now you know about the 3 Plans.

Put it altogether and the learning and earning is fun, fast, and friendly!

Plan A - Advantages - Basically, what a cooperative is and the advantages of being a member of the JW ALFIE GROUP Business Co-op.

To Download Advantages, Click Here.

Plan B - Celebration - How to start working with multiple entities, a business, a charity and you, in a cooperative funding campaign.

You should have completed Plan B.  Thanks for your diligence!

Plan C - Success - How making friends who join the group gives everyone a very simple, yet very worthwhile and profitable way to make money.

Submit the information below to receive the join link of your Referring Friend from Admin.  Look for in your Inbox within 24 to 48 hours. You will then use the reply from Admin to sign-up with your referrer's link. If your PC doesn't redirect you to the GML site, enter the link in the browser of your smartphone to go to the site and complete your sign-up at the $20.00 Bronze Level.

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