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Hello Friends!

This is Ms. Jean, here to introduce you to the FUND YOUR DREAM Annual Dollar Days Celebration Campaign, and to let you know that this web page is an example of starting small.  It doesn't have to be bigger, better, fancier, or faster, but it does have to be functional.  What's important is that I have something to offer that can be good for everyone to participate in, and it makes sense to share it with you.  Of course, there's going to be more to do for website development as we go along the way of fulfilling our dreams.  Thanks for helping me break ground here.



& Vendor Services

is my business,


(Homeless Initiative People)


is my charity,

Bennie the Benevolent Bear says:

You are HIP

When You Give to Others!


You are Invited

to join me in making life more fulfilling and prosperous for anybody who is willing to share.  By helping me, you get to help yourself, as well.

Eight things to believe about me that will help you fulfill your dream:

1. I am a success-driven person.

2. The foundation I lay in every business start-up is always based on proven success principles.

3. Easy, simple processes take you step by step to success.

4. By taking action to get what you want, with me, you begin to learn how to become a success.

5. Copying any of my very easy, practical and affordable plans and systems is the key to success.

6. My start-up businesses are wealth pathways leading to financial success.

7. I am your connection to wealth and success.

8. Just like Oprah Winfrey made a brand of herself, I am the brand for my enterprises and organizations, and I will always believe in myself and, simply by helping others, that the things I do are right and profitable.

Join me.  First, choose to believe these things, and then walk in agreement with me to achieve dream fulfillment success with my low-risk, affordable and practical methods and systems.  Everything I do is easy, practical and affordable.  In spite of what others do, I don't believe in creating anything that requires hard work, and certainly not struggle.  That's why it is important for you to know me, believe me, and follow the plans and systems I create for success.

Join with Friends to Fund Your Dream in the Annual Dollar Days Celebration Campaign.  Starting small helps people see that friends can help each other to achieve $20K to $100K, and that the advantage of being able to finance a dream is made possible by the many friends that come in who are ready for their own achievement and are willing to help yours, too.

Helping others is the way we help ourselves.

Oprah Winfrey

Join the "Dollar Days" Celebration!  Here are the details:  When friends join my group to participate in the Annual Dollar Days Celebration Campaign, beginning with Refer-a-Friend Pre-enrollment, every day will be the "Dollar Days" that everybody can feel good about and celebrate because while Pre-enrollment is the cash-flow headstart for personal income, the campaign will not only raise funds for dream fulfillment, but business support - with the engagement of JMW Information Products & Vendor Services, and it will also be a charitable campaign for The HIP Project - to help in the reduction of poverty and homelessness.  Everybody also gets to do good deeds with their dollars by funding the dream of a participant!  So, we all come together in celebration as friends, by giving $1.00 to the business, and $1.00 to the charity.  The $8.00 Dream Fund is prepaid from the $108.00 Refer-a-Friend Pre-enrollment fee, so just two referrals at $50.00 is money back, and friends participating in the campaign can make many referrals during and after their campaign set-up.

To illustrate, a potential accumulation of 1,000 referrals at $50.00 each would be $50,000.00, and referrals up to 4,300 would be $215,000.00.  Of course, results will vary, and by legal disclaimer there can be no promises or guarantees, but referring friends in this legally recognized program for business growth is definitely a  friendly way to profit.

1st Year to 2nd Year Campaign Upgrades

Start your Campaign by contributing to our support business and our charity, with just $1.00 each.  The $1.00 initiates the Campaign during the 1st year of membership, only.  In the 2nd year the amount will increase to $3.40 each.  The reason for this is logical and economical.  At $1.00, the entities receive 67 cents and the processor receives 33 cents, but funding increases when they receive $3.00 each and 40 cents goes to the processor.

First-year friends start with an $8.00 contribution to the Dream Fund, and it is upgraded to $80.00 for the 2nd-year renewal.  This upgrade for all renewing campaigns sustains dream fulfillment, annually, 10 times more than the 1st-year campaign.  Imagine going from $8.00 to $80.00 per referral.  That's a pretty lucrative increase!  In the 5th year, another 10-fold increase is planned, and another in the 8th year, each being allocated by the campaign year of the member referred to the referrer.  This annual friend-to-friend funding makes it possible for everyone to succeed in dream fulfillment and the creation of wealth.

So, the business and the charity will be charged by the payment processor, but neither you or friends will be charged for contributing $8.00 to the Dream Fund, because it is prepaid at Pre-enrollment.  But, you need a PayPal account to send invoices for payment of your Verified Referrals, during your pre-enrolled 7-day membership processing and throughout your participation in the FUND YOUR DREAM Annual Dollar Days Celebration Campaign.

Your Monthly Membership Dues

Since you've come this far, you have already joined JW ALFIE GROUP - Business Co-op, and you made an informed decision.  The $3.40 per month for group membership does not go to me.  Every dollar that comes in for dues is strictly for the advancement and mutual benefit of the group, and you get to vote on how the money is used.  This happens in February of every year, before annual renewal in March.

To illustrate, if there are 100,000 members who have paid monthly dues for 10 months, the group would have gross monthly income of $300,000.00.  So, after the books are open for review, there would be $3,000,000.00 to vote on as whether to use it for current advancement or to reserve it for a certain purpose.

How to Fund Your Dream and Create Wealth

Here's how motivated people participating in the FUND YOUR DREAM Annual Dollar Days Celebration Campaign can come out with funding of $20,000 dollars or even $100,000 dollars by the end of a campaign year.  It's not just with Refer-a-Friend Pre-enrollment and the Dream Fund.  It gets even better with three accelerators.

The first accelerator is an advertising platform to increase funding by $20.00 dollars for each referral.  The second is a marketing platform which kicks in at $12.00 plus compounding monthly per referral.  The third accelerator is optional:  It's my EasyLight Mentorship program and the pay is $1,734.00 for each referral of mentors by mentors, from a Co-op Fee of $4,000.00.  There is also an $800.00 referral commission for a regular member who refers a mentor.  This being optional, with just the advertising and marketing accelerators, members can substantially increase their funding and their wealth.

You're here because a friend referred you, and you decided to give yourself a chance with a cash-flow headstart, by pre-enrolling for $108.00 and referring friends.  The $50.00 paid per verified referral gives everybody the chance to get ahead financially - some more than others.  By Legal Disclaimer, results are not promised or guaranteed, but if 4 referrals at $50.00 is $200.00, then 40 verified referrals would be $2,000.00 and 400 would be $20,000.00.

So, wouldn't you think that with referring friends to come in and start friend-to-friend contributions for the yearly renewal of FUND YOUR DREAM campaigns, and plug-in to accelerators for additional funding and wealth creation, that participants can meet and even exceed the $20,000 to $100,000 goals for dream fulfillment in a campaign year?

If you answered yes, then the thing for your optimistic self to do is

Get Started!

Note:  Dollars Must Be Paid in

Separate Transactions for Each.



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JMW Information Products

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(Homeless Initiative People)



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Please Note:  After submitting the form below, an invoice will be sent to your email from for the Administration Fee of $6.49.  This is for processing the advertising and marketing accelerators.  When you click the Submit button, this page will refresh to the top.  Scroll back down to the yellow box for the first $1.00 payment to our support entity, JMW Information Products & Vendor Services.  Thank you!

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