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Welcome to the Page of Kelaya23181

I started on The True Dream Path as a member of JW ALFIE GROUP on March 14, 2019.  I had a business I was investing time and money into before, as a sideline, Kelaya Karaoke - but then COVID-19, the Coronavirus pandemic came and karaoke was no longer possible.  I hope to start it up again some time in the future, at a higher level - when it really is safe.

Since then, I have been able to start a new business, Kelaya Wright Enterprises, and now I help people create websites. What's special about these websites is that they can be used as a side income generator at the same time that the owners use them for development of a business, talent or skill, by telling their story.

I have contracted with JW ALFIE GROUP - Business Co-op to replicate "True Dream Path" site pages for its members.

Your site page will be an updated modern version of this page, and the story you share will be about your dream for developing your business, talent or skill.  Just as I have done, you will be able to share the dream you want to achieve on your own replicated "True Dream Path" site page.

If you are not a member of JW ALFIE GROUP, this site page is a reason to join, because as a True Dream Path - TDP International Member, you pay only $10.00 per month for it to be hosted on the site, and you receive a 50 percent (50%) commission on referrals.

The following 2-minute videos were prepared before the founder expanded JW ALFIE GROUP for TDP International Membership.

The benefits which provide income increase when you join JW ALFIE GROUP through TDP International Membership.  

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