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Dear Friends: Many do, but some don't know that JW ALFIE GROUP - Business Co-op of THE ALFIE COOPERATIVE, INC. was started by Founder, Ms. Jean (Jean Marie Wilson) to help members achieve dream fulfillment and the creation of wealth. Now, things she has communicated in Group posts have been compiled and consolidated in the new Smartphone Millionaires Program to be presented in an easy to read and implementable way to get started. This breaks extensive information down into mobile view pages covering the vision and applications for everyone to succeed with as JW ALFIE GROUP - Business Co-op Members.

The Smartphone Millionaires Program is based on the idea that not everyone has a dream to start a business or develop a special talent or skill, but just about everyone has dreamed of becoming a millionaire.

Because creating wealth with our Friends in JW ALFIE GROUP is for the mutual benefit of all members, the Smartphone Millionaires Program opens the door for these dreamers to make becoming a millionaire possible.

Thus, Ms. Jean has created a Gbook designed for mobile view, which is a guide for members and is available for purchase as a Group product, called "MAKING IT DOABLE - The Start Small and Grow Rich Guide for Becoming a SMARTPHONE MILLIONAIRE."

This guide is not generic. It's specific to JW ALFIE GROUP, as a member product. By comparing the products of USA businesses like COSTCO or Sam's Club, being able to purchase the guide requires buyers to be members. It's just like their signature products, which are created for and sold only in these businesses to their patron customers, who in this case are people who purchase annual memberships to shop and buy products in bulk from their large grocery and retail warehouses.

However, unlike a COSTCO or Sam's Club signature product, when you buy the smartphone millionaire guide, you are licensed to resell it to new members with commission earnings which provide cash flow for all of our new members to get started with.

This now brings this Introduction to a "win-win" conclusion with pricing and seller's commission earnings per sale of the guide. It is priced low so that anybody can get it as a new member coming into the Group for just $20. The $10 reseller commission will double the small self-investment with just four recommendations to friends who join the group as free members and voluntarily purchase the guide. Even if they have to save coins in a jar for the purchase, this guide is an income generator for new people getting started.

A New System Has Been Created to make generating income from this Guidebook even more doable! It's called the Double Tandem System, and by using it, NOW you can earn $80.00 on 5 Guidebook resells, instead of $40.00 on 4.

To Qualify for this SPECIAL OFFER, in 2022, requires the purchase of the Guidebook at the price of $20.00, and the JWA GROUP Game App at the price of $2.00.

The Double Tandem System and the Game App are designed to help all members enjoy a Start Small and Grow Rich experience !!

After your purchase of the MAKING IT DOABLE Guidebook is verified, you will receive an email with a link to Buy the Game App.

These resources are provided for the successful and happy lives of all of our JW ALFIE GROUP members !!


Member Price:  $20

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