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Get the Benefits
of Income from a
Home Based Business, to FUND YOUR DREAM and Create Wealth in Your Spare Time.

JOIN JW ALFIE GROUP - Business Co-op and Start living a better life, NOW!

If you are looking for a way to make more money without risk and hard work to get it, this is the way to go.

A low-cost pre-enrollment fee gives you a cash-flow headstart on the "Advantages of Joining a Business Cooperative," due to the $50.00 commissions you receive as you are becoming a member and sharing with friends to be members as well.

NOW, with just 10 referrals of startup members, you earn $500.00!  At $50.00 each, you can go on to earning $5,000.00, even $50,000.00 for your referrals.

Anyone can become a member and participate in JW ALFIE GROUP's Refer-a-Friend Pre-enrollment program.  The more friends that become members, the more can earn upfront cash-flow and begin to build a home based business and create wealth.

After joining JW ALFIE GROUP, each member is a participant in the FUND YOUR DREAM Annual Dollar Days Celebration Campaign.  This is where the benefits begin, after the upfront cash-flow headstart.

Becoming a JW ALFIE GROUP member allows you to fulfill a dream and create a wealthy income, in your spare time, as you build a home based business in service to and in support of your friends and members, at the same time.

Go beyond just surviving in today's world...

  • Stop flushing money down the drain on lotteries and slot machines;
  • Stop waiting and getting stuck in the middle of dead end paycheck to paycheck jobs;
  • Stop living on just a fixed retirement income; and

Reorganize your financial life by creating wealth in your spare time!​​​​

To appreciate a financial life beyond survival, and a new mentality to create wealth in a home based business, in your spare time...

Make Your Decision to Join NOW at the low cost of $108.00 for a Pre-enrollment upfront cash-flow headstart on earning $50.00 Refer-a-Friend Pre-enrollment commissions.

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