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Hello Friends!

In 2015, I made a series of articles for my Wealth Podcasts.  This one is number 3:

WEALTH, HAPPINESS AND HEALTH - From the Prosperity Journal of Jean Wilson


I like money.  I like having it, spending it, saving it, investing it, and sharing it with others.

The best thing I like about money is generating it with profit in exchange for the value I offer in business opportunities.

The worst things, and what I don’t like about money is being dependent on it for survival, as from paycheck to paycheck, or living hand to mouth, as in any type of anti-poverty food and money assistance.

Even though I haven’t personally experienced it, it is disturbing to me that marriages and families are dysfunctional and destroyed because they don’t have enough money to manage their lives; that men and women dissatisfied with their financial limitations take it out on each other and their children, either directly or indirectly.

Money is important:  What makes the difference is WEALTH; the wealth of the country, the wealth of businesses, and the wealth of individual citizens.


If you think money doesn’t have anything to do with happiness, then you should be an animal instead of a human being.  Gold and silver mean nothing to animals.

You can define happiness any way you want, but I personally derive happiness from using a portion of the money that I have to make more money in business, putting aside enough for bills, and finding ways to improvise so that I always have cash on hand.  But, that’s just the start of my happiness.  I’m working on what still remains to be fulfilled, total financial freedom, and the effort I put into achieving that comprises the majority of the rest of my happiness.

I don’t like doing anything that would destroy my happiness, such as knowingly or unknowingly breaking the law.  Whatever situation that I may find myself in, in any case, I will try to remedy before it becomes a serious and critical issue.


My physical and mental capacities are weakened without good nutrition.  Getting the best nutrition that I can afford will help me to remain strong in body and mind, to reduce illness and prevent disease.  I believe that the cleansing out of toxins from food and chemicals ingested is essential for health maintenance.

I don’t smoke or chew tobacco, drink to excess, use drugs or anything else that is harmfully narcotic or intoxicating, or cancerous.

So, to sum it all up:  Every day I give attention to my wealth, next comes my happiness, then my health.

Creating my experience in wealth is always in progress, with reason and practicality, but my dynamic realities require immediate activation via the collective pool.

When my happiness is shared with dedicated, positive and cooperative people, the magnifying factor will be huge.

As positive and harmonious realities are shared with each new member, the compatibility of health with wealth and happiness will be imbued, “as well.”

       Jean Wilson, Founder

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